Women’s Independent Film Festival




“Only in LA” Dir By Rowena Pedrena

BREAKING NEWS: ROBBERY AT A LOS ANGELES LIQUOR STORE...disrupts a wine and baked beans shopping trip.

“Revolution” Dir By Bryce Morgan

A short film/ music video about a woman born into a reincarnated love triangle who must stop the cycle of violence between her two soulmates.

“Bryn” Dir By Marc Menish

This is the story of a young woodcarver named Bryn, who, despite suffering from various social anxiety issues, has amassed a strong following on social media.

“Across The Sea” Dir By Kelly Robinson

A boy steals a phone from a young mother on a bus in London. After browsing the contents of her phone, he becomes curious and begins to follow her. But what are his intentions and where will this obsession lead? Kelly Robinson's début explores the private worlds of mothers and children.

“Unbroken” Dir By Christen Brandt, Kate Lord

Change doesn't come easy, especially for those on the front lines. Elly has fought all of her life for the right to continue going to school, even after living through one of life's most harrowing experiences

“Junana - Seventeen”

Dir By Chantal Bertalanffy

While on vacation in the countryside of Japan, Alexandra and Charlotte's friendship gets tested when they befriend a Japanese boy, Daisuke. Charlotte is drawn to him but to Alexandra, who is part Japanese, he represents a cultural conflict. Her teenage heart fills with doubt and insecurities.

“LOVE IS BLIND” Dir By Sabine Crossen

Tristan falls in love with a blind patient of his, Angel. They get married and have a beautiful boy but when he finds out that not only the operation he performed on her to save her sight failed but that she also contracted a lethal virus...he takes drastic measures...

“Winners Always Quit” Dir By Katie Pyne

When NFL player Eric Bakhtiari is cut from a team one last time, he attempts to move on and come to terms with life after football.



“The Mediterranean Sea” Dir By Tia Salisbury

An overlooked chambermaid embarks on her final shift.

“C.T.R.L” Dir By Mariana Conde, Mariana Conde

A young man's attempt at a first contact with a love interest is hijacked in a most entertaining way.

“Farmrun” Dir By Souki Mehdaoui

Andrew was not always a Doer. From vegan urbanity to a meatsmithing banner-holder of the agrarian renaissance, designer Andrew Plotsky shares the story of his development and inspiring pursuit of doing things the long, hard, slow, stupid way

“Modern Homemakers” Dir By Ashley Maria

A boyfriend and girlfriend whose relationship reverses stereotypical gender roles start down a rocky road to creating a home together.  Can these two become modern homemakers, or will the pressure of gender norms push them apart?

“Still” Dir By Parisa Ghaderi

Still is about denial and longing for reconnecting through mundane act of communication.

“Moctress” Dir By Patrick Cavanaugh, Angie


You can choose your dream, but not your reality.

“Ms. Liliane” Dir By Junna Chif

In a primary school classroom, teacher Liliane anxiously awaits an important phone call. Her student Mathieu is even more of a disturbance than usual, but after Liliane receives a distressing call from the hospital, Mathieu rallies the students to turn a difficult day for Liliane into a magical one.

“OUT” Dir By Jen Woldrich

The story of a woman, just out of prison, desperate to connect with the daughter who doesn't know she exists.

“Take Care” Dir By Brynn  Thayer, Shahaub Roudbari

How would you deal with hearing the worst news of your life? How about hearing it from your favorite nurse who is also your true love? For Lisa, a witty foul mouthed long term hospital patient, she only knows one way…sarcasm.

“Lost and Broken” Dir By Kathy Fleig

Helen Conway has never stopped believing that she would one day find her missing son, but sometimes we need to let go of what we want in order to find what we need.



“The Lady Of Sing Sing”

Written By Candida Brady

Script Competition Winner

(Five Minute Script Reading)

The true story of a young Italian immigrant to the USA who became the first woman sentenced to death in the electric chair at Sing Sing in 1895 and the pioneering female activist who tried to save her. It is set against the backdrop of the battle bet

ween Westinghouse and Edison and their rival electric currents

“Eggventure” Dir By Danielle Johnson

a Penguin and a Polar Bear and their love for the same egg.   

“Let go” Dir By Isabel Dréan

If happiness is family, how does one keep on living when losing a child?

“Glowstick” Dir By Paphawee Jinnasith

Glowstick is a story about two best friends, Pim and Yo, who rent an apartment together. On Yo's birthday, she receives a present that awakens memories she can't seem to let go.

“The Immediate Unknown”

Dir By Kaitlyn Mekertichian

Chloe Marino feels lost and unsure about her future as she enters her freshman year in college until she is forced to learn that sometimes growing up means accepting the unknown.



Old Dreams” Dir By Stacey K. Black

Music Video for Cindy Alexander's song, "Old Dreams." I wrote the script, directed, and edited the video. The story is true. Cindy is a breast cancer survivor, and her song is about hope, the power of dreams, and their link to survival

“Property of S.P.” Dir By Christina Woods

A daughter returns to her childhood home where she must face a bitter sibling and come to grips with the memories of her deceased father.

“Simon” Dir By Camille de Galbert

A man prepares for his final entry onto the grand stage, only to be confronted by his inner self.

“CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap”

Dir By Robin Hauser Reynolds

CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap exposes the dearth of American female and minority software engineers and explores the reasons for this gender gap.  CODE raises the question: what would society gain from having more women and minorities code? 



“Next To Me” Dir By Marci Badman

A beautiful portrait of love

“Waiting” Dir By Chelsea Stardust

A dreamer shares an intimate journey through her mind with a complete stranger, while waiting for the bus.

“PINK & BLUE: Colors of Hereditary Cancer”

Dir By Alan M. Blassberg

The paths chosen by men and women faced with an increased cancer risk

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“Witch In Me” Dir By Jacopo Miceli

"Witch In Me" is the first episode in "The Funeral Of My Expectations" trilogy, the new EP from upcoming singer songwriter Cecilia G.

“Yelpy: Feel It”

Dir By Kasper Vejlø Kristensen

Irish singer songwriter Yelpy's Feel It the music video will see Faye Vivana's first return to dance after a life changing injury forced her to retire at a young age. Faye, a dancer with the American Ballet Theatre, was told by doctors she would never dance again. But Faye's courage, determination and her unflinching love for her art will see her dance once again.

“Mindful Vineyards” Dir By Kari Birdseye

Amelia Ceja immigrated from Mexico at the age of 12 to work as a Napa Valley grape picker. Now as a successful winery owner she has garnered some of the industry’s most prestigious awards. As a child she met and befriended Cesar Chavez; as an adult she is honoring his legacy of protecting farmworkers. Her unique approach is good for the workers, the planet and her bottom line-- making her a new hero of sustainable agriculture.

“Our Girl” Dir By Ruth Beni

Our Girl is aimed at young women who are in danger of being forced to marry someone against their will

“JUNE” Dir By Jenna McDonald

An elderly woman realizes the art of interpersonal communication is lost after several dismissive encounters.

“Still Life” Dir By Seri  DeYoung

A young artist must decide if she has the strength to break free from her mother's stifling grasp.

“The Tour de Farm”

Dir By Patricia Andrews Fearon

Her 800 mile journey cycling and farming across France began in a hospital bed. She suspected there was more to health than the  absence of sickness--more than the mere appearance of health--more than just avoiding cancer and putting off death-- So she set out on this pilgrimage to find out what that might be.

“Mariam” Dir By Faiza Ambah

It's 2004 and France has passed a law banning religious symbols in public schools. Mariam, French-born with Arab parents, recently wore the hijab after performing the hajj with her grandmother. At the start of the academic year she doesn't want to acknowledge the law and be forced to make a decision.

**All Sales Are Final